Les Colonnes

Saint Romain en Viennois

Saint Romain en Viennois and Its Surroundings
The current weather at Orange
(30 km from Saint Romain).

The village of Saint Romain en Viennois
from a little hill to the southeast.

The road past Les Colonnes.
The "chateau". Definitely the grandest house in the village.
A view along the interior "ring road".

The road to the left goes up to
the little square
in front of the church.

Chez Martine, our little bar. Martine can usually be seen rushing across with road to her tables on the other side, carrying beer or some glasses of local wine. You can sign up for the tennis court at the Mairie. It's about 8 euros per hour.

Faucon, a neighbouring village. There's a nice 4 kilometre walk from our house to this village. This photo was taken along the footpath. This also makes a good mountain bike ride.

The square in front of the village school and mairie
on the occasion of the annual fête votive
at the end of July.

Last update: March 2, 2011